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Madison Boat and ATV Accident LawyersHere in Wisconsin, we love our ATVs, jet skis, speedboats and wave runners so much they’ve just about become part of our culture. Unfortunately, many insurance companies seem to think they can avoid liability for any type of accident involving these recreational vehicles. According to them, these vehicles are inherently risky and, therefore, they have no liability when accidents occur. However, as we all know, not every accident is due to operator error or carelessness. When accidents occur due to the negligence or bad practices of manufacturers or property owners, these insurers are indeed liable for financial penalties—often, quite large ones.

Our Madison personal injury lawyers have a well-deserved reputation for securing huge judgments and settlements for ATV and watercraft injury victims. If you have been injured in an accident involving any of these recreational vehicles, do not be intimidated by the insurance company telling you, essentially, “tough luck.” The experienced personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law will consider every piece of evidence and explore every legitimate legal angle to ensure the highest possible compensation for your injuries. We will factor in your medical bills and time missed from work due to your accident to make sure everything is covered.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Drunken Boaters And ATV Riders—We Hold Them Accountable For The Injuries They Cause

Along with recreational vehicles, Wisonsinites love having a few drinks now and then. Unfortunately, a lot of them don't know when to say “when.” Just as drunk drivers wreak havoc on our roads, drunken boaters and recreational vehicle operators on our waterways and trails cause all sorts of destruction, injuries and even deaths.

If a drunken boater or ATV operator has injured you or someone you care about, you have every right to expect restitution. Obviously, in cases of serious injury or death, no amount of money will ever put things right again, but it can at least take some of the sting out of the expenses you’ve incurred as result of the accident.  Be assured of this—our personal injury attorneys will aggressively litigate for the highest possible monetary compensation for your injuries.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Make The Difference

Many personal injury law firms are quick to advise a client to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company. They’re not at all interested in putting up a fight to make sure their clients get the money they need and deserve. They’re more interested in getting the whole thing over with as quickly as possible so they can get their cut of the money and move on to the next case. If they ever even enter a courtroom, it’s just to inform the judge a settlement has been reached. Is that the kind of firm you want representing you?

In contrast, Warshafsky Law prepares your case from day one for all-out litigation in front of a judge and jury. By being ready, willing and able to argue your case in court, we make it clear to the insurance company we fully intend to hold them accountable. If the insurance company chooses to avoid the potentially bad publicity of a trial and resolve the matter through settlement negotiations, they know we aren’t going to be a pushover. We’re going to insist on the maximum possible compensation for you. Whether your case is heard in court or resolved in settlement talks, Warshafsky Law always has your best interests at heart.

No-Fee Legal Representation Until You Are Paid

If you are dealing with big medical bills as a result of your injury, the last thing you can afford is an expensive lawyer. With Warsharfsky, you get the best possible legal representation with no upfront cost to you. We will fully fund your case and ask for no payment until you have been fully compensated for your injuries. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to learn more about how Warshafsky Law can help you.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

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