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Maximizing Recovery of Damages in Aviation Accident or Injury Cases

Madison Airplane AccidentWhen you think of aviation accidents, you probably think of the news stories you’ve seen about large commercial jetliner crashes. In reality, however, most aviation accidents involve small aircraft, such as those flying to and from the Dane County Regional Airport. Sometimes, the accident occurs before the plane has even left the ground. Regardless of the size of the aircraft or where the accident occurs, one thing is certain: An aviation accident always involves a complicated analysis of causation, liability and burden of proof—all of which is further complicated if the accident involves fatalities.

Identifying and holding accountable a guilty party, or parties, in an aviation accident is a difficult process and requires the highest level of legal expertise. If you or a family member has been injured in an aviation accident of any kind, contact Warshafsky Law. Our Madison personal injury attorneys will give you their professional opinion of your case free of charge. If you decide to retain us to represent you, we will do so at no cost to you until a settlement or judgment has been reached and you have been fully compensated.

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Madison Personal Injury Attorneys With Expertise In Aviation Injury Cases

Aviation litigation is not for the novice attorney. Pursuing a lawsuit in this arena requires exploring multiple potential theories of liability under state, federal and, where applicable, international law. In most cases, there are at least several potential defendants implicated. Many times, there are even a number of different courts where the case could be heard.

To prove in court that someone is legally responsible for an injury caused in an aviation accident, you are required to prove the defendant failed to meet industry standards for operation of the aircraft, its engineering, or the various regulations governing use of the aircraft. You absolutely need a law firm with experience in aviation litigation if you are to have any chance of prevailing.

The personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law have successfully represented many clients injured in aviation accidents and will thoroughly prepare your case to win in court against all responsible parties. In fact, it is our willingness to take every case to trial that routinely yields our clients the incredibly large cash awards we are known for.

Our Top Legal Minds And Unmatched Resources Are At Your Service

Whether your injuries occurred in a commercial jetliner, a private recreational plane or even while hang gliding, our attorneys will consider every possible legal argument to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury. You will also benefit from Warshafsky Law having an unmatched accident investigation team. Our investigators have extensive experience uncovering critical evidence and identifying all possible sources of fault in aircraft accidents.

It is very likely you will be approached directly by the aircraft owner’s insurance company—either by mail or by phone. We caution you to not accept any offers of settlement until you have first consulted with an experienced personal injury attorney. Usually, any initial offers of settlement are woefully inadequate. Insurance companies make these offers in the hope of getting off easy with the least possible cost to them, while also avoiding any further liability. By pursuing a lawsuit, it may take longer to get any cash in your account—but the dollar amount will be so much higher as to make the wait well worth it.

Free Initial Consultation And No Fee Until You Are Compensated

Keep this in mind while you’re weighing your options: If you hire Warshafsky Law to represent you, we will fully fund your case until a settlement or judgment has been reached. Since we make our living on a percentage of the amount each client receives, you can be assured we are highly motivated to litigate on your behalf in the most vigorous manner possible. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to learn more about how we can help.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

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