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Recovering the Most Money for Pre-natal Injuries to your Child

Madison Birth Defect AttorneysIf your child has suffered a birth defect or birth related injury due to the negligence of others, our Madison personal injury law firm can help you hold them accountable. Too often, the very people responsible for exposing a child to danger deny all accountability, even when it is their insurance companies who are liable for the damage they caused. While no amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a child’s future potential, Warshafsky Law has helped hundreds of families receive the financial compensation they need to provide for the special needs of their children.

Warshafsky Law on The Difference Between Birth Defects and Birth Related Injuries

A birth defect is defined as a physical defect present in a baby at birth, regardless of whether the defect is caused by a genetic factor or by prenatal events (such as exposure to toxins or improperly administered medications.) In the US, and in many other developed nations, birth defects are now the leading cause of infant death. Statistics show birth defects are present in one of every five babies that die in the US.

Birth related injuries are injuries sustained during the birthing process. Obstetricians and birthing professionals can and do make mistakes, often with terrible consequences for both children and their parents. Besides facing the prospect of a lifetime of expensive medical care and special education costs, families also carry an enormous emotional burden.

Regardless of whether your child was born with a birth defect or suffered a birth related injury, you will need experienced attorneys to pursue a suit against those responsible. With Warshafsky Law on your side, the chances of securing sufficient funds to adequately provide for your child are substantially higher. Our history of society-changing judgments and record setting awards should give you some assurance.

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Madison Personal Injury Attorneys Fight For Your Family

If you are considering legal action against a hospital, physician or other healthcare professional responsible for your child’s injuries, you should be aware that their insurance companies will do anything possible to limit their liability. These insurance companies are massive, well-funded and protected by legions of attorneys. It’s easy to feel powerless against them. Only with an experienced personal injury law firm like Warshafsky Law will you be able to secure a favorable settlement offer or award of damages.

While other law firms are quick to settle with an insurance company, Warshafsky Law prepares every case to go to trial—from day one. Only by being prepared to argue a birth defect or birthing injury case at trial can you win in settlement negotiation. Warshafsky has an incredible array of contacts and resources to put on your case, including investigators and a staff attorney who is also a medical doctor. No matter how complex the case or foreboding the opponent, we do not falter in our commitment to our clients.

Free Initial Consultation and No Fees Until We Win

Not sure yet how to proceed, or even if to proceed? Perhaps we can help. Warshafsky Law offers a free consultation to prospective clients. We will give you our honest, professional opinion on the merits of your case and what sort of outcome you could reasonably expect. If you decide to hire us, you owe us nothing until a settlement or judgment is reached in your case.

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