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Warshafsky Law Fights for Injured Workers

Madison Construction Accident AttorneyConstruction workers face the possibility of being injured every day they’re on the job. Obviously, the very nature of working around heavy machinery and performing hard physical labor on a day-to-day basis increases the odds of on-the-job injuries. On many job sites, however, inadequate safety procedures and faulty equipment make injuries almost inevitable.

Unfortunately, chronic impairments such as knee pain, back pain and shoulder issues usually make it impossible to perform your job as you did in the past. Regardless of whether the injury occurred suddenly as the result of an accident or over the course of time, the results are usually the same: physical pain, lost time from work and an ever-growing pile of doctor bills.

As is often the case, employers and their insurance companies will try to shirk any responsibility for a worker’s injury in a desperate attempt to avoid any financial responsibility. If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, or as a result of working construction, you’re going to need an experienced Madison personal injury attorney to get the kind of money you’ll need to replaced your lost income.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

No Law Firm Does More To Get You More

The construction injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law have an unrivaled history of obtaining record-setting judgments and settlements for accident victims. A large part of our success lies in our meticulous pre-trial preparation and relentless pursuit of evidence to support your case.

Our investigators look into every last detail, including the statements of witnesses on the scene, the safety and maintenance records of equipment used on-site and any previous warnings or citations the employer may have received for lax safety practices. We investigate all the details to identify the cause of the injury and all accountable parties. Having a staff attorney who is also a medical doctor helps immensely. In everything we do, our goal is to secure the highest possible compensation from those responsible for your injuries.

Unlike personal injury attorneys at other firms, Warshafsky lawyers never sacrifice your bottom line in the interest of a faster settlement. Because we prepare every case as though it will go to trial, the insurance companies we’re up against view us as a more capable adversary than the typical “settlement mill” law firm. As a result, settlement offers are considerably higher. If it’s not high enough, though, we’re prepared to go to court and litigate aggressively to ensure you get the money you need.

You Pay Nothing Until Your Case is Resolved

As a no-win no-fee law firm, Warshafsky Law will fully fund your case all the way through trial. You don’t owe us a thing until compensation is made. We also offer free personal injury consultations to help give you an idea of what sort of monetary compensation is warranted in your case and how the legal process works. From start to finish, you have nothing to lose with Warshafsky Law on your side—and plenty to gain.

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