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Dog Bites

Biggest Settlements in Wisconsin Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog Bite AttorneysPet owners have an obligation to ensure their animals don’t harm people or other pets. When a dog bite injury occurs, this is considered to be a breached responsibility and the dog owner and their homeowner’s insurance company are liable for any monetary damages. Insurance companies will try to convince you to settle for a much small amount than you deserve. Warshafsky Law Firm offers free consultations and will take your case to court to get the pain and suffering compensation you’re entitled to.

The amount of money recovered in a dog bite lawsuit is dependent on:

  • The animal’s breed (Rotteweiler, Pittbull, Doberman Pinscher)
  • The dog’s tendency to bite
  • Leash laws
  • Degree of owner negligence
  • The extent of injury

The experienced dog bite lawyers of Warshafsky Law Firm are committed to obtaining the highest legal compensation possible. As a no-win no-fee firm, you won’t pay any fees until you recover damages for your injuries.

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