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Getting Doctors and Their Insurance Companies to Pay for Their Mistakes

Doctors, surgeons, pharmacologists and hospital personnel such as nurses and physicians assistants all have a legal and ethical standard they must uphold in when providing you with medical care. When their negligence and mistakes result in devastating injuries, they must be held accountable. This means paying for the injuries, pain and suffering they have caused. Although serious, debilitating injuries like whole or partial paralysis, brain injuries and chronic pain can rarely ever be fully healed, Warshafsky will get you the money you and your family need to compensate just a fraction of your suffering.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Warshafsky Law vs the Juggernaut of Insurance Companies

Madison Medical Malpractice Lawyers Insurance companies value malpractice claims based on their assessment of the quality of your medical malpractice lawyer. In the absence of an attorney who is ready, willing and able to litigate through trial—and even appeal—any settlement offer from the insurance company will be the minimum amount they think is necessary to make you go away. Insurers have entire departments of people justifying their own paychecks only on their ability to delay, defer and defend against your claim.

On the other side of the courtroom stands Warshafsky Law. A large part of our success lies in the fact Warshafsky hires investigators and attorneys directly from medical insurance companies to learn exactly how to defeat them in court and maximize their settlement offers. Out of all the personal injury law firms in the Madison area, Warshafsky stands alone in our ability to win huge monetary judgments in Wisconsin personal injury cases. Unlike law firms who are quick settle with insurance companies and move on to the next case as quickly as possible, we fight tooth and nail for our clients.

Warshafsky Law has prevailed in numerous cases in which record setting judgments were awarded to our clients. Insurance companies dread going to court against us because they know we are relentless in our pursuit of maximum compensation for our clients. Just the prospect of squaring off against us before a jury leads them to be uncharacteristically generous in settlement negotiations.

Most Common Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

At Warshafsky Law, we handle unusual and common medical malpractice claims, including surgery errors, anesthesia mistakes, medication errors, misdiagnosis, childbirth injuries, and faulty equipment. From fistula lawsuits and colonoscopy malpractice suits to cancer misdiagnosis, our Madison medical negligence attorneys get the maximum financial compensation for all kinds of medical malpractice.

Warshafsky Law’s No-Win No-Fee Guarantee

You may think it will cost more than you are able to afford to hire Warshafsky. This just isn’t so. Warshafsky’s Madison personal injury firm offers free initial consultations and a no-win, no-fee approach to personal injury litigation. Stated simply: You do not pay one penny until you receive compensation. The question is not whether you can afford to have Warshafsky Law representing you, but whether you can afford to not have us represent you.

If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, the most effective way to thwart the medical-insurance conglomerate aligned against you is to choose a ruthlessly effective Madison medical malpractice attorney—one who will prepare your case from the outset to be presented in front of a jury. The kind you will only find at Warshafsky Law.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Contact our Madison personal injury lawyers today for a free medical malpractice case assessment. You pay no money until you win.
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