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When Senior Care Negligence Results in Injuries, the Liable Must Pay

Madison Nursing Home Abuse LawyerImagine you have had to put your mother in a nursing home because you simply cannot tend to her needs full-time. You’ve looked around at what’s available in your area and chosen the home you think will take good care of her. Now, imagine the shock when you hear her tearfully recount how she has been tied to her bed for hours at a time. Maybe you dismiss it at first, thinking your mother is just complaining. Then you see the horrible bruises on her wrists and ankles. What now?

Shocking as it may seem, incidents like this happen more frequently than most people realize. If you’re dealing with a disturbing situation like this, priority number one should be getting your loved one to another facility. Priority two—consult with a law firm experienced with elder care abuse, such as Warshafsky Law. The simple fact is nursing home workers and the institutions where they work have a duty to properly care for the elderly in their custody. When they neglect their duties or mistreat those they have been entrusted to care for, they can be held to huge financial consequences.

Unfortunately, it is only by financially punishing the bad actions of nursing home abusers and neglectors will these so-called “caregivers” ever get the message that civilized society will not stand for their bad actions. There is never an excuse for breaching the trust we put in those who care for the elderly. The injured and their families have every right to receive monetary compensation for these injustices.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Madison Law Firm With Experience In Elder Abuse

The Madison nursing home abuse lawyers at the Warshafsky firm have successfully secured millions of dollars in compensation for from various nursing homes, hospitals and their insurance companies. It’s important to understand something about these companies: 1) It’s a hugely profitable business they’re engaged in, and 2) They thrive by employing a team of high-priced attorneys whose entire job is to keep you away from the money to which you are entitled. Only by choosing an experienced attorney who prepares your case to go to trial – and even to appeal, if necessary—will you secure this money.

Insurance companies know the attorneys of our Madison personal injury law firm never bluff about taking a case all the way to trial. Unlike other personal injury law firms, we’re not quick to settle with an insurance company. We will do whatever it takes to get as much money as possible for our clients, whether this is accomplished through tough negotiations during settlement talks or through a verdict handed down by a jury. And through it all, we don’t charge our clients a thing until a judgment or settlement is awarded.

Let Us Help You Set The Wrongs Right

No matter the nursing home or hospital injury – from bed sores, malnutrition, untreated fall bruises and broken bones or emotional and psychological abuse from neglect – when a duty of care is negligently breached you could be entitled to significant compensation. Just imagine how you could use a big settlement or award for a nicer nursing home for your loved one.

Take the first step by contacting our office to arrange a free initial consultation. The sooner we begin preparing your case to go to trial, the sooner you can receive a judgment or settlement and rest a little easier at night knowing your loved one is properly cared for.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

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