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Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation: Pro-Bono work, Activism and Philanthropy

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Warshafsky Law Firm FoundationThe Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation is a charitable foundation we created to provide scholarships for deserving young Wisconsinites. We award scholarships at the University of Wisconsin and to deserving nursing students who have been selected by the Black Nurses Association.

Our scholarship programs differ from those of other foundations. Rather than rewarding only students with exceptional grades, our primary criteria for a scholarship award is financial need and a reasonable expectation of success—a C-plus average and good recommendations from teachers and advisors is sufficient. We take this approach because we realize many young people with good potential come from difficult circumstances which keep them from achieving at their full potential in high school. Our scholarships aim to give these kids a chance at a brighter future.

To help ensure our scholarship recipients succeed, we formed an alliance with the League of Martin, an organization of African-American police officers. When needed, they serve as mentors to our scholarship recipients. Educators agree young people benefit from having a mature, interested person they can turn to for confidential advice. In fact, it is critical for future success—particularly for those young people who have not had this in their homes.

In 2012, the Ted M. Warshafsky Scholarship Fund was established with a generous grant from the Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation. The fund was created to continue the legacy of Ted’s Anne Frank | Emmet Till Scholarship Fund, named in honor of two teens killed as a result of senseless bigotry—Anne Frank by the Nazis, Emmet Till by the KKK.

In addition to scholarships, the Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation supports the annual “Ride of Silence,” an annual bicycle ride dedicated to memorializing cyclists killed on public roadways and raising driver awareness of safety around bicyclists. The Warshafsky Law Firm Foundation also contributes to a variety of charitable organizations, including:

  • Pearls for Girls, a group supporting disadvantaged youth from middle school through high school, and then provides scholarships and mentoring
  • League of Martin Scholarship Fund
  • Mad Hot Ballroom & Tap, a group providing after-school involvement and recreation for students
  • The Holton Street YMCA, a boys and girls club providing mentoring and after-school help for students
  • The Venice Arts council, which provides art outlets and education for disadvantaged students
  • The HeartLove Place, an organization providing help and guidance to inner-city residents
  • Hunger Task Force
  • Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Citizen Action of Wisconsin
  • United Performing Art Fund The attorneys of Warshafsky Law Firm also support the Police Athletic League, Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer (MACC Fund) and the Trial Lawyer for Public Justice.
For more information about the firm’s philanthropic work, contact our Wisconsin personal injury law firm today.
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