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Madison personal injury lawyersEveryone contemplating legal action asks the same question: “Do I have a case?” In most personal injury cases, the strength of one’s case often lies in the quality of one’s legal representation. The results you achieve are dependent upon the experience and resources of your legal team. This is where the Madison injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law make a difference. No other Madison personal injury firm understands as we do how every detailed aspect of the law can affect your personal injury claim.

As with any issue, complex legal arguments can be made for both sides of a personal injury case. The Warshafsky Law team is uniquely able to fully understand both sides of the legal issues in a personal injury case. Part of why we’re so successful is our deep understanding of how insurance companies think. Some of Warshafsky’s most successful attorneys have worked for insurance companies defending against personal injury claims.  Consider, too: Warshafsky attorneys literally wrote the book on the subject—the Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers.

Determining if you have a case does not take long. Once this determination is made, our expert investigative team immediately gets to work preserving evidence and laying the groundwork for a winning presentation at trial to achieve the maximum judgment possible. The personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky completely fund your claim until financial compensation has been made for your injuries. Our tenacious advocacy and relentless prosecution of those responsible for your injuries WILL pay off for you, just as it has for thousands of Warshafsky Law clients.

If you or someone close to you has been injured, use our online contact form for a fast and free initial evaluation of your case. If you prefer, you can also give us a call at 608-535-1153.

Madison Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Warshafsky attorney Frank Crivello was instrumental in the original “Milwaukee Ride of Silence” to remember cyclists killed in accidents. Our firm continues to support the annual memorial ride to this day. As a result, Warshafsky Law Firm takes all bicycle fatality cases personally. Our Madison personal injury lawyers have successfully prosecuted numerous cases involving injured cyclists. You can find more information on our representation of cyclists and pedestrians on our Wisconsin bike accident lawyer page.

Madison Car Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in an auto accident, your phone will likely be ringing off the hook with inquiring calls from insurance companies and law firms soliciting your business. Unfortunately, they do NOT have your best interests at heart. We suggest you contact our Madison car crash lawyers as soon as possible. Warshafsky Law has an unbeatable reputation for getting the most money for injuries sustained in car accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured by wrong way driver, a cell phone dialer, a texting driver or a drunk driver, Warshafsky attorneys bring the full force of Wisconsin’s civil law down on the culprits, their insurance companies and anyone else who contributed to your pain and suffering. If you are injured, it IS about the money. Learn more about no-win, no-fee representation from a Madison automobile accident attorney.

Madison Wrongful Death Lawyers

When someone close to you dies, the pain is unbearable. Even more so when the death of a loved one is brought about by the negligence of others. Frankly, no amount of monetary compensation is ever enough. However, our Madison personal injury lawyers routinely prevail in securing the highest possible judgments from all liable parties in wrongful death lawsuits. In addition, Warshafsky fully funds your claim, regardless of complexity, until you have received compensation. Learn more about the full capabilities of our Madison wrongful death attorney representation.

Wisconsin Workplace Accident Attorneys

Due to the intricacies of worker compensation law, there is often an extraordinary degree of intricacy with workplace accident lawsuits. Our Madison personal injury law firm knows all the details of worker compensation law and excels at exploring all angles to arrive at the maximum financial recovery. If you have been injured on the job or hurt while representing your employer, contact our Madison workplace accident lawyer representation for a free assessment.

Madison Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Hospital visits are troubling enough. No one should have to contend with the added pain and paperwork of medical malpractice. If you’ve been injured due to the carelessness or ineptitude of a medical institution, our Wisconsin medical malpractice attorneys not only secure you the most money possible, but also fully fund your case until you have received your just compensation. Learn more about how our Wisconsin medical malpractice lawyer representation can put together a winning case for you.

Toxic Torts and Mesothelioma Attorneys in Wisconsin

Diseases like cancer caused by exposure to toxic substances frequently leave patients and their loved ones feeling completely powerless. There is often a direct cause for your illness which establishes a legal basis for monetary compensation. The personal injury lawyers at our Madison law firm fully investigate every case to ascertain the cause of illness and all liable parties. Learn more about our Madison Mesothelioma lawyer representation.

Madison Product Liability Lawyers

Manufacturers have a legal and moral responsibility to make sure their products are not dangerous to consumers and the general public. When they shirk their responsibility and injuries result, Warshafsky holds them accountable. As a result, we have made entire industries change the way they develop, produce and advertise their products. We’ve also secured life-changing judgments for the injured clients we represent. If you have been injured due to a manufacturer’s poorly designed or produced product, contact Warshafsky Law. The right Madison product liability attorney makes all the difference.

Wisconsin Brain Injury Attorneys

The loss of mental ability and/or physical control due to a brain injury is one of the most debilitating injuries imaginable. It is devastating not only to the victim, but also to loved ones. If you or someone close to you has suffered a life-changing brain injury, you want the Warshafsky Law Firm on your side. Our aggressive advocacy on your behalf will achieve the maximum possible judgment—which is particularly critical when considering long-term care is likely needed. Learn more about our experienced Madison brain injury attorney representation.

Madison Paralysis Attorney

Just contemplating the prospect of being paralyzed for life is too much for most of us. Victims of paralysis injuries not only suffer permanent changes in the quality of their lives, they also face expensive medical care made even more financially burdensome due to a sudden loss of income. It is absolutely necessary to understand your legal rights and what recourse you have against those at fault for your injury. You can learn more about your rights and your options for legal action by contacting a Madison paralysis attorney with the Warshafsky Law Firm.

Madison Train Accident Attorney

Believe it or not, train wrecks happen much more frequently than you might think. The problem is many safety precautions throughout Wisconsin are subpar and result in accidents which could have easily been avoided. If you have been injured as a result of faulty railroad equipment or industry negligence, there is a good chance you are entitled to a monetary award for the injuries and damages you and your family have suffered. Learn more about how the Madison train accident attorneys of Warshafsky Law fight for the highest judgments possible.

Madison Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycles injuries are often dismissed in court due to the “inherent risk” of motorcycling. This is flat-out wrong. At Warshafsky Law, we know motorcycle accidents are often caused by factors over which the motorcyclist has no control, and our law firm pursues these cases vigorously. If you have been injured in a motorcycling crash due to the negligence of another driver, a manufacturer or a property owner, you are entitled to monetary compensation. Learn how the Madison motorcycle accident attorneys at Warshafsky can help make your case.

Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Elder abuse is a heartbreaking problem which Warshafsky Law takes seriously. When negligence or abuse at a nursing home or assisted living facility is exposed, our attorneys aggressively pursue the negligent parties to secure the highest possible monetary compensation for the pain and suffering you or your loved one has endured. We WILL make them pay for breaching the trust society puts in those who are hired to care for the elderly. Learn more about our Madison nursing home abuse attorney representation, then call Warshafsky.

Madison Slip and Fall Lawyers

Improperly maintained premises can cause even the most cautious and attentive person to slip and fall. Fall victims often face serious injuries resulting in big medical bills, time lost from work, and chronic pain. All these problems make strong argument for a large cash settlement or an even larger adjudicated compensation. If you have been injured in a serious slip and fall accident, our Madison personal injury lawyers will work to ensure you get the highest possible compensation for your injuries. Learn more about our Madison slip and fall attorney representation.

Wisconsin Birth Defects Lawyers

Birth defects are not always a cruel twist of fate. There is often a direct cause. Working with our in-house medical doctor, the attorneys of Warshafsky Law investigate the causes of birth related disabilities and illnesses, connecting the dots to identify liable parties. Those who are responsible, along with their insurers, can and should be held accountable for large monetary judgments. While we cannot change what happened to your child, we can make the costs you face in raising your child less burdensome. Read more about how representation by a Madison birth defect attorney can help.

Madison Construction Accident Attorneys

Every day on the job puts Madison construction workers at risk. Whether it is a sudden injury from an accident or the result of years of wear and tear on their bodies, their employer’s insurance companies and equipment manufacturers are often liable for the costs of medical care and compensation, as well as income lost due to missed work. If you have been injured at your construction job, learn more about our Wisconsin construction accident lawyer representation.

Madison Trucking Accident Attorneys

Any business engaged in the manufacturing of large commercial vehicles or using them in their operations bears a responsibility for people in or near their business vehicles. In any crash scenario, there are often many possible liable parties which can be held responsible for damages. If you have been hurt in a Madison trucking wreck, your first course of action should be to contact Warshafsky Law Firm. We ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Become more informed on our Madison truck accident lawyer representation.

Madison Dog Bite Lawyers

Pet owners have a legal obligation to care for and control their animals so they do not inflict harm on people. The extent of legal responsibility depends on multiple factors like leash laws and dangerous breed regulations, all of which can substantially affect an animal owner’s liability. Pet owners are essentially required to act reasonably to protect others from injury. If you have been injured because of a negligent pet owner, Warshafsky WILL achieve the highest possible monetary compensation for you. Get more information on Madison animal attack attorney representation.

Madison ATV and Jet Ski Accident Lawyers

Wisconsinites love their ATVs, jet skis, wave runners and speed boats. When accidents happen, insurers and manufacturers often try to shirk any responsibility by pointing out the inherent risk in operating these vehicles. Fortunately, the facts are not on their side. Just as you have a right to enjoy any of these recreational activities in a responsible manner, manufacturers have a responsibility to make them safe. If your injury was caused by an unsafe machine or the negligence of a property owner, you have a good case for pursuing cash compensation. Read more about Madison ATV accident attorney representation.

Madison Cancer Lawyer

We all trust doctors and hospitals for their expertise, but even the best practitioners and medical institutions can drop the ball. A delayed diagnosis of cancer, or a misdiagnosis of it as something else, has a devastatingly negative effect on a patient’s survival. Consider also how cancer can develop as a result of unsafe working conditions which may have exposed you to dangerous levels of toxins. Asbestos exposure, for example, has been found to cause Mesothelioma. If medical or corporate negligence has caused or contributed to your cancer, you need a Madison cancer lawyer who will fight for the maximum monetary compensation.

Madison Airplane Accident Attorney

Accidents involving aircraft are usually catastrophic events with serious injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, the cause of most aircraft accidents is usually pilot error or a mechanical failure. If negligence of the pilot, aircraft manufacturer or another responsible party caused the accident, the experienced attorneys of Warshafsky Law build a case to ensure you get the highest possible monetary compensation. Contact a Madison airplane accident attorney for more information about your rights and options for restitution.

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