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Warshafsky Puts Automakers on Notice with Record Settlement

One-Car Auto Accident Case Requires Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain Injury Lawyers18-year old Kathleen Wussow was returning home to Oconomowoc with her parents from a vacation trip to Florida when their near-new Cadillac suddenly went into an uncontrollable spin on the freeway and crashed. Kathleen, a promising young scholar with a 125 IQ which put her at the top of her class, suffered severe head damage, leaving her with permanent brain injury. After the accident, her IQ was tested at 95 and her memory was profoundly impaired.

Warshafsky’s Law Firm’s car accident attorneys took the case and successfully argued to the court that the prevailing assumption of the driver being to blame in one-car accidents is not always valid. Through diligent investigation, Warshafsky learned the Wussow’s Cadillac – with only 4,500 miles on it at the time of the accident – had a faulty control differential which caused the car to suddenly spin out on the freeway. After hearing Warshafsky’s compelling presentation of evidence, a jury concluded that the Wussow’s Cadillac rolled out of the General Motors plant so defective as to be unreasonably dangerous. Kathleen and her parents were awarded $3 million in damages for their ordeal. While that amount may seem substantial, consider that in inflation-adjusted dollars this settlement amount would be a little over 16 million dollars in 2014.

Car Crash Lawyers Help Accident Victims by Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Every day, the personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law dedicate themselves to winning the highest possible judgments for clients injured in auto, bicycle, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. We prepare every case for trial from day one and have a reputation for vigorously pursuing maximum compensation for our clients – something our courtroom opponents are painfully aware of. Like the case involving Kathleen Wussow, Warshafsky’s brain injury attorneys have changed the way courts and juries view injured parties and what is considered reasonable compensation for the pain and loss they suffer. Herein lies another shattering Society Changing Judgment. Manufacturers, too, have had to rethink their quality control standards as a result of Warshafsky representing victims of faulty products. In the end, we’re all a little better off with Warshafsky on the case.

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