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Verdict In Head-on Collision Case A Sobering Warning To All DUI Drivers

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While most of Madison was sleeping in on New Year’s Day 2002, a 35-year-old electrician was on his way to work. Although traffic was much lighter than normal, a blizzard was whipping snow across the road and progress was slow. Even with his windshield wipers on high, it was hard to see the road ahead. In the distance, a car on the other side of the road was approaching quickly. Far too quickly for the conditions. Suddenly, the car veered into the electrician’s lane and slammed head-on into his car.

Initially, police on the scene thought the other driver lost control due to snow on the road, but one whiff of his interior and it was clear alcohol was involved. A breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol well above the legal limit. As it turned out, the driver was still intoxicated from the New Year’s Eve festivities of the night before.

With a fractured forearm, a dislocated ankle and a large cut through his left leg, 2002 was off to a dismal start for this drunk driving victim. After being advised to consider a lawsuit to recoup his medical expenses and the wages he couldn’t earn while recovering from the accident, he met with a personal injury attorney in the Madison office of Warshafsky Law.

Warshafsky Personal Injury Attorneys Stand Up For Drunk Driving Victims

Madison OWI AttorneysOver the years, we have seen many cases of innocent lives shattered by drunk drivers, yet it never fails to infuriate us. All too often, these drivers are uninsured and have been enabled by friends or bars continuing to serve them drinks even when it is clear they are well over the legal limit to drive safely. When their collective stupidity and recklessness ends up harming others, we hold them accountable.

In the case of the worker on his way to work on New Year’s Day, our attorneys filed a personal injury lawsuit to compensate him for his medical bills, loss of income and the pain and suffering he endured. The intoxicated driver’s insurance company chose to take their chances in court against us. Result: Warshafsky Law secured a huge judgment of just over $600,000 for our client. Fortunately, he had excellent medical care and an iron will—both of which helped him make a remarkable recovery. After 3 months of healing and physical therapy, he was able to return to his job.

Unfortunately, not everyone involved in a collision with a drunk driver fares quite as well. There have been many instances where drivers, bicyclists and even pedestrians have been paralyzed, brain damaged or physically maimed for life by drunk drivers. We have also represented the families of those who have been killed by drunk drivers. Our efforts have yielded not only some of the highest compensatory awards in Wisconsin history, but also a number of high-profile society changing judgments.

The Warshafsky Way: Investigate Thoroughly, Prepare Diligently, Litigate Vigorously

As one of the largest personal injury law firms in Wisconsin, with offices located in Madison and Milwaukee, Warshafsky Law has vast resources available to mount a concerted effort on behalf of our clients. Our investigative team looks into every detail and every person involved in the accident who may be liable for your injuries. Our attorneys prepare every case from day one as if it will go before a judge and jury, building a compelling basis for the maximum possible financial compensation. In both the courtroom and in any negotiations to settle the case, our legal expertise is second to none. After all, we literally wrote the book on trial law, the massive “Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers.” No one will fight harder or smarter for you than a Warshafsky personal injury lawyer.

Injured? It IS About The Money.

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison—At No Upfront Cost To You

When you have been injured in an automobile accident, insurance deductibles and bills for medical costs and auto repairs pile up fast. We know money is tight, so we offer our services at no upfront cost to you whatsoever. We will represent you all the way through trial or settlement with no retainer fee or monthly bills. Only after your case is resolved and you have received compensation for your injuries do we ask for payment. We also have a No-Win, No-Fee policy, so if for any reason there is no financial compensation from your suit, you owe us nothing.

With Warshafsky Law, you get the best personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin working on your behalf with absolutely no financial risk to you whatsoever. Take advantage of our free initial consultation offer to learn more about how we work and what we can do for you. One of our personal injury attorneys will meet with you and provide an honest appraisal of your case and an explanation of how the personal injury lawsuit process works.

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