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Warshafsky Recovers Seven-Figure Damages in Farm Injury Accident

$1.2 Million Settlement for Dairy Farmer Mangled By Heavy Equipment

Farming Accident Personal Injury Attorney

After buying his father’s dairy farm in the early 1970s, Ethan dedicated himself to raising Ayrshire cattle. It took years, but he grew his herd in both numbers and quality. His herd of 52 dairy cows was steadily gaining national recognition and everything was looking up for Ethan. Then one day in June, a terrible accident changed everything.

While using equipment produced by the Koehring Company to blow fodder into a silo, he stepped up on an auger housing to get over to a garden hose he needed. In the process, he slipped on the auger housing and fell in, accidentally bumping and disengaging a clutch lever as he fell. With the clutch disengaged, the auger began rotating and quickly caught Ethan’s pants. As Ethan struggled frantically to get out of the auger, his legs were pulled down into the spinning blades of the blower.

Ethan lost his left foot in the accident and his right leg was so badly mangled it had to be amputated above the knee. The injuries were devastating, not only for the toll they took on Ethan’s ability to run his farm, but also for the way they crushed his spirit. Unable to work and faced with soaring medical expenses, Ethan was forced to sell off most of his prized Ayrshire cattle—70% of which was ranked in the top class in the United States.

Fitted with a prosthetic leg and foot, Ethan was able to walk again with the help of a cane. The day he walked into the offices of Warshafsky Law, he took the first step toward getting his life back on track again.

Warshafsky Law Builds Strong Case for Injured Farmer

Warshafsky attorneys looked into the details of Ethan’s accident and the equipment he was using at the time. With a full-time investigator on our staff, we are able to dig deeply into details which might easily be overlooked by other firms. The more we looked into the heavy equipment Ethan had been using, the stronger his personal injury case looked.

As it turns out, Ethan wasn’t the only one injured by this equipment. Four other farmers, including two from Wisconsin, had been injured by the firm’s blower and auger machinery and had received monetary awards in suits against the company. The gist of our case on behalf of Ethan was that if the auger housing had been designed so it was impossible to step over, or if the clutch lever had been equipped with a safety latch to prevent it from accidentally being engaged, the accident would never have happened.

Madison Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Harder For Victims than Any Other Law Firm

No law firm in the Madison or Milwaukee area fights as hard for those who have been injured through the negligence or malfeasance of others. Unlike most Madison personal injury law firms, which are quick to settle with insurance companies so they can collect their cut of the settlement money and move on to another case, we put our clients’ best interests first by preparing every case from day one as though it will go to trial. As a result, we have secured record-setting judgments (and settlements) and have forced entire industries to put safety ahead of profits. Our society changing judgments are well known throughout legal circles.

Insurance companies know when they face our Madison personal injury attorneys in court they are in for a fight. With our national reputation for doing right by our clients, these insurance companies understand if they want to avoid the negative publicity which usually comes with a courtroom hearing, they had better have a great settlement offer for our clients. In Ethan’s case, the insurance company for the farm equipment manufacturer approached us shortly before the case was scheduled to go to trial. We were able to negotiate a $1.2 million settlement on Ethan’s behalf, an amount which equates to $2.6 million in today’s dollars.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

While money couldn’t replace Ethan’s leg or foot, it did provide him the means to hire help around the farm when he needed it, to more than restore the savings he had depleted due to medical expenses and to start rebuilding his herd of dairy cattle—which is just what he did.  For Ethan, the resolution of his case was a chance to make a new start. For us, the farm equipment manufacturer’s decision to stop making the equipment which injured Ethan and other farmers was yet another society changing judgment.

Just as we did for Ethan and hundreds of other farmers and workers injured in tractor, combine and other heavy equipment accidents, the personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law will stand strong for your rights to be fairly compensated for the injuries you have sustained. 

You Pay Us Nothing Until You Have Been Compensated For Your Injuries

If you have been seriously injured in the course of your work, medical expenses make it difficult—if not impossible—to hire an attorney. Which is why Warshafsky Law takes the traditional retainer and monthly bills totally out of the picture.

We have represented hundreds of farmers and other self-employed workers in the agricultural, forestry, fishing and logging industries. We know money is tight after a serious accident, so we ask for nothing upfront. With Warshafsky Law, you will have the best personal injury attorneys in Madison working for you and owe nothing until you have been compensated—either through a court ruling or a settlement.

You really have nothing to lose. Even your initial consultation with us is free. We will sit down with you and give you our professional assessment of whether there are grounds for you to pursue a personal injury lawsuit or not. If there are, we can also give you an idea of what sort of financial compensation is customary in cases like yours and how a personal injury lawsuit proceeds.

Take the first step toward the rest of your life by arranging a confidential, no-obligation consultation with one of our Madison personal injury attorneys.

Contact the Madison attorneys of Warshafsky Law today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. 
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