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Gun accident cases are becoming more common due to the increase of firearms being kept unsecured in Wisconsin homes. The attorneys of Warshafsky Law have handled numerous gun and archery accident cases. Each year, over 33,000 deaths are caused due to firearms, with a significant number of accident victims being children under the age of 18. Injuries and deaths caused by accidental discharge, defective guns, hunting accidents on public land and negligent gun owners occur every day throughout Wisconsin. The Madison personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky have decades of experience aggressively protecting the rights of gun accident victims, producing society changing judgements about gun safety.

Gun Accident Victims Receive Justice

Gun accident injury attorneys Madison

An eight year old child lost vision in his left eye when a metal splinter from a “power load blank” in a supposedly safe firearm hit his eye. The Warshafsky Law Firm was able to secure a $251,000 settlement on hisbehalf.

Frank Crivello represented a client who was held up and shot while trying to buy stamps at a check cashing store. Despite the long history of violence against customers in the area, nothing had been done to increase security. The final settlement after court was quite substantial, however it cannot be disclosed due to a secrecy order.

Attorney Vic Harding fought for a young man who was injured during a paintball game due to faulty protection goggles. The client’s goggles were fogging up during play, causing his view to be obstructed. He momentarily removed his goggles to clear the fog, when a paintball pellet him in the eye, causing him to lose the eye completely. The fogging problem could have been easily prevented by the manufacturer. Vic Harding was able to secure a $176,000 settlement for the victim.

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A gun accident can permanently alter or end a life in seconds. Although they can be attributed to nearly any form of firearm, pistols and rifles consistently report the highest number of accidental firings. Most gun and even archery or crossbow injuries can be caused by improper handling and poor training, but a substantial amount are due to defective components and faulty manufacturing. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to gun violence or an accidental discharge, contact Warshafsky law firm for a free consultation. We have offices in Milwaukee and Madison, with experienced lawyers who will fight for your rights.

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