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Warshafsky Law Prevails In Lawsuit Against Physician

$1.7 Million Settlement for Woman Left With Life-Threatening Infection

Physician Lawsuit WIImagine going in to a hospital for hip surgery and ending up with a perforated colon and a life-threatening infection. Not exactly the kind of extras anyone wants. Yet this is exactly what happened to Nancy Jo when she underwent surgery to have a pin inserted in her fractured hip.

Nancy Jo had been working as an independent contractor for Mary Kay Cosmetics when she broke her hip in a fall. Doctors recommended a hip pinning surgery, which involved inserting a small pin in her hip to facilitate the healing and enable her to be up and about. This was, and still is, a common approach to hip fracture surgery. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the operation.

Five days after the surgery, Nancy Jo developed a severe infection. In agonizing pain, she was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery that night. The cause of the problem: fecal matter leaking into her abdomen from a hole in her colon. Surgeons closed the hole and cleaned the affected area, but  Nancy Jo wasn’t out of the woods yet. Complications from this surgery required several more surgeries in the months that followed. After all this, Nancy Jo and her husband John met with the personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Unlike other Madison personal injury law firms, Warshafsky Law doesn’t shy away from taking cases to court. We told Nancy Jo we would do everything in our power to secure as much in punitive damages as possible to compensate her for the pain she had endured. While most personal injury law firms are quick to settle before a case even goes to trial, Warshafsky Law prepares every case from day one as though it will end up in court.

Reality is, insurance companies value your claim by the quality of the law firm you have representing you. If they think your lawyers are pushovers who will be easily swayed by a few quick dollars dangled in front of them, their settlement offers will be far less than what they’d offer a firm known to take matters to court. Only by being ready, willing and able to argue a case in court do insurance companies see you are serious about doing right by your client.

Warshafsky Personal Injury Lawyers Bring Opponents to Point of Capitulation

In this case, lawyers for the hospital and their insurance company soon found out just how serious Warshafsky Law personal injury attorneys are about fighting for our clients. A key point of contention in Nancy Jo’s case was whether the hole in her colon was caused by the surgeon when inserting the pin into her hip, or whether it was the result of an infection caused by (as the hospital’s attorney claimed) a reusable drill bit that wasn’t adequately sterilized prior to the surgery. This issue was never really resolved because the trial was halted just as Warshafsky attorneys were presenting the details of Nancy Jo’s injuries. Without question, the insurance company knew it was in their best interest to settle the case rather than proceed with a trial, which would have exposed some less than professional standards.

It is not uncommon for court cases to end in this manner. Once one side gets a better picture of what sort of evidence is going to be introduced and can assess how damaging it may be, they may choose to approach the other side and make an offer of settlement. This is exactly how it played out in this case. With our extensive experience in negotiating settlements, our medical malpractice lawyers made sure the settlement offer was adequate for the ordeal Nancy Jo had endured. The result was a $1.7 million settlement, which would be a little over $2 million in 2014 dollars.

The Better Your Lawyer, the Better Your Results

Although Nancy Jo still suffers some pain and discomfort due to internal scar tissue, she has moved on with her life and feels vindicated by the outcome of her case. If you or someone you care about has suffered at the hands of medical practitioners, know this: The Madison personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law will do whatever it takes to bring some closure, as well as compensation, to you and your family. We offer a free initial consultation on your situation and, should you hire us to represent you, do not ask for any payment until your case has been resolved and you have received compensation.

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