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Warshafsky Secures More Motorcycle Safety from International Manufacturer

Large Judgments for Motorcycle Accident Victims Bring About New Anti-Wobbling Technology

Motorcycle Wobble Crash

The motorcyclist sped along the highway late at night. Visibility was low. He was well over the speed limit. Suddenly, he lost control and crashed. First responders called Flight For Life. His survival chances were slim.

The driver was exceeding the speed limit. Even so, it turned out the accident was NOT his fault. The victim was driving under complete control. Suddenly the motorcycle began to wobble uncontrollably which caused the crash. In addition to the road conditions, the wobbling at high speed was the main cause.

The car accident lawyers at Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm know how to discover all parties who might be responsible for an accident. Then we hold them accountable. Our expert accident investigation team discovered the motorcycle manufacturer had used an extremely dangerous design. The cycles would suddenly wobble at high speeds, causing crashes and even fatal injuries.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys sued the manufacturer and won a large reward for our client. Immediately, the design and manufacturing of this popular motorcycle was corrected to deliver much more safety. This victory was another one of our hard-earned Society Changing Judgments. The attorneys at Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm had to finance every aspect of the case all the way through to trial, continuing the finest professional representation and achieving a large settlement for our client as a form of justice.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

The Madison motorcycle crash lawyers at Warshafsky Law Firm will put it all on the line for you – clout, resources and total commitment to your well-being. Our analysts produce the most comprehensive, detailed preparation to take your case all the way to trial where our experienced attorneys will fight for the biggest settlement. The bigger your adversary, the more we like it. Your well-being and adequate compensation are most important to us.

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