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Warshafsky Instigates Change in Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Settlement Urges Manufacturer to Provide Motorcycle Leg Guards

Motorcycle Equipment AccidentRisk is inherent in every aspect of life. People understand this. So do companies. But problems occur when companies cause even greater risk, then require its customers to pay the consequences.

A recent motorcycle accident case was a perfect example. A client of Warshafsky personal injury law firm was badly injured in a motorcycling accident. His injuries were made much more severe since no leg guards were on the cycle. The manufacturer had decided to save a little money while increasing the accident risk of its customers. Leg guards were already available, yet the company only offered them as an expensive upgraded option.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys went to work, fighting for our client who had sustained worse injuries due to the manufacturer’s negligence and greed. Our motorcycle crash lawyers immediately prepared a comprehensive case. Then experienced trial attorneys from Warshafsky fought hard in court to secure a maximum settlement. This was not a case of “inherent risk” – the normal element of risk. This was “manufactured risk” where a company made a money-related decision to reduce the safety of its product.

The experienced vehicle accident attorneys at Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm won a large financial settlement. The victory by Warshafsky caused the manufacturer to revise its safety practices. This Society Changing Judgment began protecting customers at previously unseen levels. Now leg guards are standard safety equipment. Car crash lawyers at Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm have brought justice to many more accident victims just like this one.

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