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Warshafsky Protects Innocent Drivers from Defective Auto Transmissions

Madison Auto AccidentPersonal Injury Law Firm Fights For Car Manufacturer To Take Responsibility When Cars Slip From “Park” To “Reverse”

A parked car is usually a very safe place. But that’s not the case when a car’s transmission unexpectedly slips into reverse. Many deaths occurred because of such a defect.

Amazingly, this happened often. The expert car crash attorneys at Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm became aware of this awful defect in the automatic transmissions. Our Madison auto accident lawyers went to work, filing huge lawsuits and fighting to achieve compensation for the life changing damages caused by these accidents. Just as we prepared for, Warshafsky went to trial. In court, testimony revealed unsafe manufacturing was causing these terrible injuries and even deaths.

In one instance, it was discovered the car maker had already developed a safer transmission but decided to only put the new transmission in luxury cars. Customers with modest incomes who purchased lower-priced cars continued to suffer from terrible risk. The vehicle injury attorneys at Milwaukee and Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm fought in court for maximum judgments from the auto manufacturers. The decision to not install the safer transmission was purely economic. Money was more important to the manufacturer than safety. Our Madison auto crash lawyers fought for justice, securing maximum settlements for our injured clients.

A major benefit of dealing with a Madison Law Firm like Warshafsky is our financial capability and willingness to go all the way to trial. Insurance companies and large corporations know this. Even large, powerful manufacturers are forced to offer an adequate settlement, providing just compensation for accident victims. A powerful Society Changing Judgment was formed: Were it not for Warshafsky’s car crash lawyers, even more people would have been injured by the continuation of a faulty production line.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Insurance companies and manufacturers have teams of attorneys whose sole purpose is to reduce liability and fight for lower settlements. The faster, cleaner and lower the settlement, the better. Madison’s Warshafsky Law Firm knows this well. We are ready, willing and able to take your case all the way to trial. Our intense and through preparation is key to your securing the best settlement to adequately compensate you for damages.

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