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Warshafsky Law Secures Record Sums For Workers Injured On The Job

Workplace Injuries Leave Many Crippled For Life

If you’ve been seriously injured on the job, there are at least a million worried thoughts crossing your mind. The two most common: “How am I going to pay all these medical bills?” and “Will I ever be able to work again?” With everything going on, finding a personal injury attorney in Madison to represent you in a lawsuit probably isn’t tops on your list of things to do, but perhaps it should be.

While employers are required to carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance in order to pay the expenses of employees who get injured at work, they can be sued if an injury was the result of either negligence or some intentional act on their part. Often, the sums involved in such suits far exceed the amount an injured worker would receive through workman’s compensation. Cases involving large awards send a clear message to employers about their responsibilities to employees and add to our ever-growing file of society changing judgments.

Fact is, too many workers are injured on the job due to inadequate safety procedures, unsafe equipment, and even carelessness on the part of other workers. Often, the injured parties aren’t even aware of the underlying events or circumstances which caused their injury. This is where an experienced personal injury law firm like Warshafsky Law can make all the difference in how the rest of your life turns out.

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Thorough investigation And Aggressive Representation Pays Off

When we take on a personal injury case, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of the accident. By looking into everyone who had a role in your injury, including the manufacturers of any equipment involved in the accident and those responsible for maintaining it, we can often implicate several parties in a personal injury lawsuit. The more parties with liability, the bigger the financial compensation we can seek for your loss.

Unlike other personal injury law firms who prefer to settle cases quickly and rarely ever see the inside of a courtroom, Warshafsky Law prepares every case from day one as though it will go to trial. Our willingness to stand up for our clients in court is well known by the insurance companies and manufacturers we square off against. While they can get away with making lowball settlement offers to other law firms, they know it won’t fly with a Warshafsky Law attorney. If an offer of settlement is made, it better be a good one or we will not hesitate to take your case to court.

Make no mistake: These companies value your claim by the caliber of attorney you have representing you. Choose one from a “settlement mill” law firm and you have instantly devalued your future. The only way you will get the maximum financial compensation possible is with an attorney who is willing to fight tooth and nail for you—whether it’s in a courtroom or a conference room.

Warshafsky Law Secures Financial Future For Maimed Workers

In 1976, Joe was working at a Wisconsin paper company. Part of his job was to man a high-speed machine that wound paper into rolls. As he was making sure the paper was fedonto the roller, his left arm got caught between the rollers. Desperately trying to break free of the machine, Joe suffered permanent injuries to his left hand and arm, back, and right arm and leg. The injuries were severe enough to make it impossible for Joe to ever work in that capacity again.

On behalf of Joe and his wife, Warshafsky personal injury attorneys filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the machine contending the machine Joe operated was unreasonably dangerous and defective in its design. The case went to court, where Warshafsky attorneys made a powerful presentation on the manner in which the machine had incapacitated Joe. The jury came back with an award just over $642,000—a sum equivalent to $2.6 million today.

Injured? It IS about the money

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Here’s another example:

In the summer of 1978, Al was a 21-year-old from Milwaukee excited to be earning some money working construction. As he was clearing debris from the job site, another employee driving a front-end loader accidentally backed into him, fracturing his left hip. The injury was so severe doctors had no choice but to put in an artificial hip joint.

As we investigated the circumstances of the accident, it became clear this wasn’t just a case of operator error. The front-end loader lacked an adequate backup warning system anddidn’t even have rear-view mirrors. Warshafsky Law attorneys filed a suit implicating the manufacturer of the equipment, the company that leased the machine to Al’s employer, and the business that sold the front-end loader to the rental company. In an out-of-court settlement, we secured $450,000 for Al—which amounts to about $1.6 million in today’s dollars.

Over the years, Warshafsky Law has pursued—and won—hundreds of workplace injury claims. If you are struggling to make ends meet after a job related injury and facing a future of reduced earnings potential, we can help you, too.

Get Madison’s Best Workplace Injury Attorneys To Represent You With No Upfront Fees.

If you have a case, Warshafsky Law will represent you all the way through trial, and even appeal if necessary, at no charge to you whatsoever. Only after you have received compensation will we ask for our payment. Additionally, our No-Win, No-Fee policy ensures you owe us nothing if there is no financial award in your case (a highly unlikely scenario). With Warshafsky, there is absolutely no financial downside for you whatsoever, just upside.

Warshafsky Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation to potential clients. One of our personal injury attorneys (not a paralegal or a secretary) will meet with you to assess your case and explain what to expect when you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Simply use the link below to arrange your confidential consultation.

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