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Warshafsky Law Wins $3.6 Million for Brain Damaged Man

Hospitals Take Note of Medical Malpractice Judgment

Medical Malpractice LawyerThe 61-year old man survived a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, then became a highly successful civil engineer and real estate developer in Israel. He developed a heart condition and came to Wisconsin for bypass surgery.

The hospital is recognized as one of the world’s best heart surgery centers. The surgery was successful but while recovering, the man was given the wrong medication. He suffered devastating seizures and went into cardiac arrest. This brilliant man who spoke 7 languages suffered severe brain damage. He was left with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old. He had no ability to earn a living. His future looked bleak.

Attorneys of Warshafsky Law pursued a personal injury lawsuit against the hospital and its insurer. This storied case is indicative of the powerful professional commitment of the Madison personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law. Amazingly, the hospital claimed the post-op care they gave was “appropriate.” The insurer didn’t even offer to resolve the matter through settlement. The case went to trial.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

The outstanding staff at Warshafsky went to work, diligently building a case to prove malpractice and neglect. The personal injury attorneys at the Madison office of Warshafsky law are backed by this identical, high level of legal expertise. Through aggressive litigation, the brain injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law exposed the entire shameful chain of events which ruined our client’s life. Result: a $3.6 million medical malpractice judgment . This case occurred years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the equivalent of a $3.6 million settlement would today be almost double – $6.5 million.

Madison personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky Law can effectively deal with hospitals and their insurance companies – particularly those who deny accountability when things go wrong. As a result of a Society Changing Judgment like this, hospitals throughout Wisconsin improved protocols for administering medication and monitoring patients. Madison personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky will serve your needs, backed by the same high level of research, investigation and litigation to assure a maximum just settlement of your claim.

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