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Madison Slip and Fall on the Job Personal Injury Attorney

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Injury from slipping and falling at work usually requires immediate attention. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created strict guidelines for keeping employees safe. By filing a DWC-1 or “first report of injury” as soon as possible, your claim becomes an accurate representation of what happened.

Workers Compensation after Slipping or Falling

In Wisconsin, employers are obligated to offer workers compensation benefits to injured employees. Businesses might tell you you’re not eligible for any additional settlements. This is not necessarily true. If you were injured on the job, the Madison slip and fall lawyers at Warshafsky Law will go through every detail of your claim to see if you are able to file suit.

If you were injured while not working, workers compensation will probably not be offered, even if you were on-site. In this case, consulting with a personal injury lawyer is the best route for your injury. Also, workers compensation is usually not given to those who were injured by a third party. In order to receive compensation, you must sue the third party.

After experiencing an injury at work, contact the Madison slip and fall experts of Warshafsky Law for advice on filing a claim. 
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