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Madison Slip and Fall No Wet Floor Sign Lawyers

Slip and Fall No Wet Floor Sign Madison Personal Injury LawyerSee more about slip and falls with no wet floor sign.

The lack of wet floor signs only increases the chances of someone slipping or falling. The Madison slip and fall attorneys at Warshafsky Law can represent you and make a personal injury claim based on your injury from a slip or fall. For the right compensation, trust the legal experts at Warshafsky Law Firm. The first offer from an insurance company is usually not the compensation you need—we fight for more.

If injured by a slip or fall, document the area as much as possible. Proving there was no sign shows the property owner was negligent, making it easier for Warshafsky Law to secure a larger settlement.

You should not talk to the store or insurance representative without a personal injury lawyer. Without a lawyer present, it’s possible to get tricked into saying something which can later be used against you in court. Let Warshafsky handle any conversations with the store owners or their insurance company.

Contact the Madison slip and fall legal experts if you’ve fallen on a wet floor without a sign.
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