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Madison Slip and Fall on Rental Property Personal Injury LawyerSee more about slip and fall accidents on rental property.

In cases of slipping and falling on a rental property, such as an apartment, it becomes difficult to determine who is liable for damages. Some might think it’s the landlord, some might think it’s the property manager, and some might think it’s the person renting the property. In most cases, it’s the landlord who is liable for your injury.

The responsibility of any rental property is held by the manager or landlord. The owners of the property are required to meet safety codes for their tenants. The renters might create an unsafe situation for themselves, but in most cases the landlord has to maintain the property to avoid safety hazards. These include keeping stairs safe, repairing cracked sidewalks and other repairs.

To determine who is at fault and liable for damages, contact Warshafsky Law. Our experienced slip and fall attorneys will take you through the entire legal process. Whether it’s a minor injury or a lifelong disability, you deserve compensation. Choose the law firm Madison residents count on.

If you were injured from a fall on a Madison rental property, contact Warshafsky’s personal injury lawyers now. 
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