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Madison Slip and Fall in Restaurant Injury Attorneys

Slip and Fall in Restaurant Madison Personal Injury AttorneySee more about slip and fall accidents in restaurants.

Restaurant Employee Falls or Slips

All employees of a restaurant, from wait staff to cooks and cleaners, are exposed to safety risks on the job. Wet floors, spills, and grease cause employees to fall. Falling on the job means you are eligible for workers compensation. With our Madison slip and fall attorneys, you may be eligible for much more. Take advantage of our free initial legal consultation to help assess your case.

Restaurant Patron Falls

Restaurant floors are usually not as dangerous as those in the kitchen. Still, crowded tables and dim lighting often contributes to trips and falls. The Warshafsky Law team in Madison helps you get the full settlement you deserve, ensuring your medical bills are covered. Managers, owners and landlords are always responsible for cleaning up spills on floors to prevent injury from falling.

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