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Madison Slip and Fall on Sidewalk Injury Lawyers

Madison Slip and Fall on Sidewalk Personal Injury AttorneySee more about slip and fall accidents on sidewalks.

The city is in charge of taking proper care of most sidewalks. But in some Madison neighborhoods, the residents are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk along their property. Our Madison slip and fall lawyers work with you to claim a reasonable settlement against the liable party when you’ve fallen on a sidewalk.

There are many reasons why you might trip or slip on a sidewalk. These include:

  • Black ice or snow
  • Heavy rain
  • Cracks in the pavement
  • Tree roots or plant growth
  • Disrepair

There have been many injuries caused sidewalk falls. The hard surface is unforgiving, leading to sprained ankles, fractured wrists and broken arms. Hitting your head is the worst, as it can cause brain damage or death.

If you slipped on a public or municipal Madison sidewalk, contact the personal injury experts of Warshafsky now. 
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