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Madison Slip and Fall on Stairs Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and Fall on Stairs Madison Personal Injury LawyerSee more about slip and fall accidents on stairs.

Virtually every building in Madison has stairs, steps or escalators. One small slip can cause a serious injury. The Madison slip and fall attorneys at Warshafsky Law will help you get the compensation you deserve.

When property owners don’t take care of their stairs, they can become hazardous. Property owners not taking responsibility for proper care of steps leads to unsafe conditions. Missing handrails and uneven steps are two of the most common causes of accidents.

Have you been injured in a fall from stairs or an escalator?

Stairs cause more injuries due to their height and distance. Slipping at the top usually causes more injuries than slipping from the bottom. Escalators pose an additional risk due to their mechanical elements.

Contact Warshafsky Law firm to help you cover your medical bills, lost wages and more. Don’t accept the small settlement from insurance companies. Trust Warshafsky Law to secure the compensation you deserve.

Contact Madison’s slip and fall injury lawyers today if you have recently experienced injury from stairs or an escalator.
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