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Madison Slip and Fall Wet Floor Injury Lawyers

Slip and Fall on Wet Floor Personal Injury AttorneySee more about slip and fall accidents on wet floors.

It’s the responsibility of the owners of commercial property to warn customers of wet floors and to clean up spills to avoid accidental falls. Ensuring a completely dry environment is most likely impossible when it’s snowing or raining outside and customers track it inside, but the business has a responsibility to mop and post warning signs.

Cleaning solutions are commonly used to clean the linoleum flooring in retail stores. This often causes the floors to become very slippery and increases the chances of a fall. Steam cleaners also create a dangerous situation.

Making a Case

If you’ve fallen, you should document the area where you fell as much as possible. Take photos and videos showing exactly where you fell. A wet floor means the owner was negligent in his duty to maintain his property. Even placing a warning sign of a wet floor isn’t always enough to get a property owner off the hook for negligence, especially if the leak or spill continues to grow.

Our Madison slip and fall lawyers have extensive experience with injuries from slipping on wet floors and will do everything possible to ensure you receive the financial compensation you need.

If you were injured from slipping on a wet floor, Madison’s personal injury lawyers will represent you. 
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