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DeForest car accident lawyersThe Village of DeForest is located along the Yahara River just north of Madison. A large number of the town’s approximately 8,900 residents regularly make the 15 mile commute into Madison for work. Most of these commuters take US-51 South. As with any highly used commuting route, there have been a number of serious and fatal automobile and motorcycle accidents along this corridor.

Traffic filtering off of Highway 51 can congest on more local roadways and create conditions for serious or fatal accidents. North Street, branching of the US-51 exit, has had several serious car crashes in recenty history. 

Another roadway in the DeForest area with a lot of traffic is Highway 19, a two-lane, east-west corridor that connects travelers with US-51 and I-94. Although the area is flat and traverses a largely rural area, drivers need to stay alert. A typical accident for this area occurred in September of 2014, when a driver traveling east on I-90 exited onto Highway 19 and failed to yield to another driver already on Highway 19. Although there were no injuries in the crash, the potential for serious injury is always present when drivers are careless and fail to respect the rules of the road.

Best Attorney For DeForest Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve been injured in an auto or motorcycle accident in DeForest and are considering pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, the first thing you should know is this: Insurance companies value your claim on the quality of your attorney. Hire an attorney from a firm known for settling cases quickly without ever going to court and the insurance company’s settlement offer will be a pittance of what it ought to be. Only in having an experienced attorney from a firm known for taking cases to trial will you ever receive fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and the pain and suffering you’ve endured as a result of your DeForest traffic accident. Among Wisconsin law firms, one law firm stands out for putting their clients’ best interests first--Warshafsky Law.

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DeForest Traffic Accident Victims Benefit From Experience Of Warshafsky Law

In addition to a team of experienced trial lawyers who prepare every case as if it will go to trial, the Madison office of Warshafsky Law has a team of wrongful death accident investigators who will painstakingly document all the details of your DeForest auto accident and uncover any additional liable parties who can be held accountable for your injuries and losses. Faced with a mountain of evidence and the possibility of being exposed to even greater losses in court, insurance companies suddenly become more generous in their settlement offers when dealing with Warshafsky Law. Our goal is always to get maximum compensation for you, and any offer of settlement will be evaluated based on what you stand to win through a judgment/verdict at trial.

You Pay Nothing Until You Are Compensated For Your Deforest Traffic Accident Injuries

Warshafsky Law has a no fee until you win policy. You owe us nothing until you receive compensation for your injuries. When you are dealing with medical bills, car repair (or replacement) costs and lost wages from time you’ve had to take off from work, legal fees are probably the last thing you want to get hit with. Even if you have an attorney now, at least take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation. After learning more about our practice and our successes, many accident victims have bid adieu to their law firm and hired Warshafsky Law to represent them. Perhaps you will, too.

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