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Madison car accident lawyersMadison is the capital of Wisconsin and its second largest city, behind Milwaukee. With a population of 240,000 and 94 square miles of space, as well as being home to the University of Wisconsin, it’s an important metropolis in the Midwest. Madison has also been named among the best places to live in the United States in multiple recent years. Because of its size, Madison has seen its share of serious traffic accidents and fatal car crashes.

Most Dangerous Streets in Madison, WI

According to Madison Police data, the most dangerous road in Madison is Stoughton Road (Highway 51). The top three most accident-heavy intersections involve Stoughton Road. Traveling on Stoughton, especially near East Washington Avenue, can be risky. The street has seen several traffic accidents recently. One crash involves an SUV roll-over resulting in a fatality after the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Another crash involved a delivery van roll-over resulting in life-threatening injuries for the driver, also ejected. Remember to always drive safely and ride safely, whether traveling on Stoughton Road or heavily traveled areas like the Madison Beltline. East Washington Avenue (Highway 151) is another dangerous street. A recent fatal car crash at the intersection of Highway 51 and 151 resulted in the death of a pedestrian after being struck by a car as she was crossing the intersection.

Madison Auto Crash Attorneys Ready to Fight for You

Insurance companies gauge your claim by the quality of your legal counsel, instead of the seriousness of your injury. They use their gigantic size as leverage against you, offering you a miniscule payout. Even if you hire a Madison personal injury law attorney, you may not get excellent or even good representation. Most personal injury firms are “settlement mills,” meaning they hire you with the expectation of settling right away for a quick buck. Things work differently when you hire Warshafsky. Insurance carriers suddenly become generous when we stand at your side. They know we don’t churn and burn clientele. We value every client as family because they are. Insurance companies know we have the skill and experience to get the most money possible, no matter how difficult the case is. We will only settle if that’s the path to the highest dollar amount.

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If you or a family member are injured in a serious or fatal Madison traffic accident, remember to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Wisconsin has a three year statute of limitations on the amount of time you have after your accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. If a municipality is involved in your accident, like the city of Madison, you must notify that party before filing the suit within 120 days of the accident. Calling the top car accident attorneys in Madison at Warshafsky Law is the best decision you could make after being injured in a serious car accident. The personal injury experts at Warshafsky will get to work on your case as soon as you call. The initial consultation is free, and we’re trial ready from day one. Using our in-house team of accident investigators, we’ll find the parties responsible for your injuries and we’ll get you the compensation you deserve. Keep in mind, Warshafsky has a no win/no fee policy. There is no fee to retain our services unless we win your case. We don't believe in getting our money until you get yours first. From day one, we’re financially prepared to go through the end of trial – and even through appeal. The team at Warshafsky Law will strike the very fear you feel now into the hearts of those responsible for years to come.

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