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Middleton, Wisconsin is small city west of Madison occupying 9 square miles and has a population of 17,000. Don't let the petite size fool you, though. The headquarters of both Capital Brewery, Electronic Theatre Controls and American Girl are found in the petite locale. It's an attractive place to spend your time. Named among the best places to live in the United States in multiple recent years, Middleton is one of the safest and most affluent places in Dane County.

Like any great city, Middleton has its fair share of traffic, and with it comes serious and fatal traffic accidents. Major highways U.S. 12 and 14 run through the town, providing some high trafficked roads with high speeds. University Avenue, running from Madison, comes through Middleton. Whether it involves multiple cars or a car and a pedestrian, serious car accidents are a reality in every city.

Serious and Fatal Middleton Car Crashes Require An Experienced Law Firm

Middleton car accident lawyers

One car accident involved a car roll-over on Parmenter St, just north of the roundabout. Injuries to the driver were sustained. Another accident involved a car hitting and killing a pedestrian out jogging on Pheasant Branch Rd. A car crash on County Highway K, just east of County Highway Q, saw a civilian car rear-end an unmarked police car. The officer involved sustained minor injuries. A motorcyclist accident was fatal for the rider on Highway 12 on-ramp, just north of University Ave. A car vs. pedestrian traffic accident occurred in the parking lot of Scatz, where the pedestrian was partially run over by the car. A fatal motorcycle crash on Elmwood Avenue took the life of its rider in October 2014. The vehicle was traveling eastbound and struck a parked car. The rider was pronounced dead at the scene. If you or a loved one has been injured – or worse, dies – in a car accident, finding the responsible party is paramount. An August 2014 car crash between a DUI driver and a police vehicle happened on Highway 12 around Greenway Boulevard. Thankfully, no officers were in the police vehicle when it was struck. The driver, however, was injured and was taken to the hospital after arrest.

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If you or a loved one gets injured in a serious or fatal Middleton car crash, retaining legal counsel is always a smart choice. Keep in mind that Wisconsin has a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit. You only have a three year window to file against private parties involved. If a state entity, like a city, was involved, Wisconsin requires you notify the related party prior to filing your suit as fair warning. You have a window of 120 days to do so.

Skilled legal counsel forces insurance companies to pay their fair share. Insurance giants evaluate your claim relative to the quality of your attorney. An experienced Middleton personal injury attorney will cause them to think twice before offering you a low ball settlement offer. With the personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky at your side, you're sure to get compensated fairly. We'll fight for every dollar you have coming, even if that means going to court. Having an experienced personal injury attorney is essential to getting recompense for your pain and suffering. Warshafsky Law has a free consultation when you call. We’re also a no-win-no-fee law firm, meaning there’s no cost to you if we don’t win. We don't think we should get compensated until you do. Our team is ready for trial from the moment we meet with you. As the best auto accident attorneys in Madison, we’ll get you the money you deserve.

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