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Sun Prairie is Dane County’s second most populous city behind Madison. Overall, it’s a safe place to live and drive in. As with any larger city, parts can occasionally be hazardous to drive in.

Sun Prairie car accident lawyersAccidents in Sun Prairie, as well as all around the greater Madison area, happen frequently. Most of the time, drivers and bystanders are able to walk away from an accident. Sometimes, a traffic accident can cause serious injury and a loss of time and wages as you or a loved recovers. Worse yet, car crashes can be fatal for one or many parties involved. In either case, justice is required for those affected. Fair compensation is all about fighting for justice. Most personal injury attorneys want their version of justice – settling for a quick payday. To them getting any sum of money is victory for both the attorney and the client, whether or not the sum is proportional to the injury.

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That’s not how the car accident attorneys at Warshafsky Law view it. The experienced lawyers at Warshafsky view fair injury compensation as that which matches the severity of the claim. Anything less than the full amount of money you have coming simply isn’t fair in our eyes. That’s why we’ll fight for every dollar you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Highway 151 is one of the most traversed streets in Sun Prairie. The high traffic and highway-level speed limit raise the chance of an injurious car crash. A two-car accident resulted in three needing medical treatment, including a trip to a local hospital. Another fatal traffic accident on the 151 exit ramp at Windsor St between a car and a pedestrian on a run resulted in the pedestrian's death. A third was fatal for a county highway worker after a pick-up truck veered across the highway, struck the worker’s truck and ricocheted into the worker.

Other accidents on 151 in Sun Prairie include a fatality when the driver of a car was ejected and died from serious injuries sustained between West Main Street and Highway 19, and a fatality occuring near County Road VV when a car heading northbound in the southbound lanes without headlights struck a semicab head on.

County Highway N is has also seen a few accidents over the years. One two-car crash, just north of Bailey Road, proved fatal for one person and caused serious, life-threatening injuries to another when one car rear-ended another.

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If you’ve been injured in a Sun Prairie motorcycle accident, or you’ve lost a family member to a car crash, hiring legal counsel should be a high priority. Personal injury lawsuits have a statute of limitations in Wisconsin. You have a three year window in which to file. In the event a municipality is involved in a car crash, you are required to notify them 120 days before filing a suit in writing. Warshafsky Law, the best car accident lawyers in Madison, offers a free consultation when you call, and is a ‘no fee unless you win’ law firm. Our personal injury law firm puts the client first. We don't get our money until you get yours. Our team of Sun Prairie personal injury lawyers are on ready for trial from the beginning. We have accident investigators who will uncover all the facts of the case by thoroughly inspecting the crash site. We cover every aspect of the crash, ensuring no detail is missed that might point us to the responsible party. We will find them, and we will make them pay.

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