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Verona is a peaceful suburb located southwest of the city of Madison. Despite its relative lack of size, its position between Madison and much of the southwest part of the state makes it a popular traffic spot for commuters traveling between. 

Verona Avenue, a shortcut of sorts for motorists traveling west on Highway 18, attracts more traffic than it's meant to handle. Because of this, it has an unfortunate history of producing many serious accidents. One fatal accident on Verona Avenue happened when a car struck a tree at Verona Avenue and Main Street in May of 2004. Many serious and fatal accidents have occured on the south side of Verona on Highway 69.

The lawyers at Warshafsky law are ready to fight for you no matter where you fall victim to on the roadways and sustain serious injuries.

You may not realize it, but many of the law firms advertising on TV and radio are more interested in settling your auto accident injury claim with the opposing side’s insurance company than in actually representing you in court. Trouble is, the settlements they arrive at never come close to fair compensation for the injuries suffered by their clients. This is because insurance companies know there’s little chance they’ll ever be taken to court by one of these law firms, so they get away with making lowball settlement offers.

The attorneys of Warshafsky Law have a different approach. From the very start, we prepare every Verona motor vehicle accident case as though it will go to trial. Insurance companies know our reputation for putting up a fight for our clients, as well as our reputation for securing enormous settlements. They also know we won’t stand for lowball offers of settlement. When an insurance company approaches us with a settlement offer, you can bet it’s better than anything a “settlement mill” firm would get. Often, however, it’s not good enough. Know this: We will be fully prepared to take your Verona traffic accident case to court and litigate for maximum compensation for your injuries.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Vehicle Accident Injury Cases Demand an Experienced Team

Don't let the physical pain of a motorcycle accident become financial pain. Motor vehicle accident cases often involve extensive investigation into the cause of the crash and who can be named as a liable party. In addition to our experienced trial attorneys, Warshafsky Law employs an A-team of auto accident investigators who will look into and document every shred of evidence relevant to building a strong case for you. We even have an attorney who is also a licensed medical doctor—always helpful in addressing any injuries you have as a result of your Verona traffic accident. Together, our team of the best vehicle crash attorneys in Madison will do everything possible to ensure you are fully compensated for your medical expenses, time lost from work, and the pain and suffering you’ve had to deal with since your accident.

With Warshafsky Law, You Pay Nothing Until You Receive Compensation

Warshafsky Law is so confident in our ability to prevail for our clients that we do not ask for a retainer fee and do not ask for any payment until you receive compensation for your injuries. You really have nothing to lose in having us represent you.

Be aware, though: Wisconsin’s statute of limitations requires you to either settle your claim or file a lawsuit within three years of the date of your motor vehicle accident. If your claim involves a municipality, such as the city of Verona or Dane County, you must notify them in writing within 120 days of any injuries you received in your accident and you must give them notice of your injury claim before filing a lawsuit.

Time is of the essence, so the sooner you contact the Madison personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law, the better. At the very least, take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation to learn how we can help.

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