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Free Madison Personal Injury Attorneys: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Warskhafsky Law Explains The No-Win, No-Fee Policy.

No Win No Fee Madison Personal Injury AttorneysBeing injured through the carelessness of others puts you in a very difficult situation. Besides dealing with physical injury, your finances take a hit as well. Just paying the deductible for your hospital expenses is hard. Add in bills from specialists and lost time from work and it’s no wonder there's no money left over to hire an attorney. Which is precisely why Warshafsky Law has a No-Win, No-Fee Policy with no upfront cost to you whatsoever.

It’s Like Getting the Best Legal Representation in Madison for Free

We are so confident in our ability to win your case—and win big—we are willing to represent you with no upfront retainer fee and no monthly bills for our services. We are fortunate to have the wherewithal to fully fund your case through trial, and even through appeal if necessary. Only after you have received payment do we receive payment for our services via a percentage of the judgment or settlement reached. This percentage is reduced in cases involving minors. It really is like having a lawyer represent you for free.

Warshafsky Law's No-Win, No-Fee Policy Means No Risk For You

Our No-Win, No-Fee policy means if we do not prevail in your case, you owe us absolutely nothing. Since you pay nothing upfront and owe nothing during the course of our representation, you really have nothing to lose with Warshafsky Law. There is plenty to gain, though. Warshafsky personal injury attorneys have won numerous record-setting judgments and awards for our clients, many of which have changed the way entire industries operate.

The Best Personal Injury Legal Representation at Any Price--At No Upfront Cost to You!

Free Madison personal injury attorney consultationOne of the many resources we have available to us is a team of experienced accident investigators. Our ability to delve into the details of an accident has enabled us to uncover critical facts and pieces of evidence missed by others. In many cases, it has also led us to culprits with very deep pockets. Just as we held them accountable for injuries they caused, we will find all those liable for your injuries and make them pay.

It also helps to have an attorney on staff who used to work for some of the very insurance companies we face in court every day. Knowing how they think and the tactics they use has helped us clean their clocks in the courtroom on numerous occasions. With Warshafsky Law, you will have an accomplished team of Madison personal injury legal experts and investigators working to ensure you get both justice and financial compensation.

From the day we take on a case, our Madison personal injury attorneys prepare as though it will go to trial. Unlike other law firms who are quick to settle with an insurance company, take their share of the settlement and hit the golf course, Warshafsky Law puts our clients first. Insurance companies know we will not settle for the pittance they usually offer up in settlement negotiations. If an offer is made to settle, it is usually far better than what they would offer a "settlement mill" law firm. If not, we’re ready to take your case to court and fight for every dollar you’re due. And when we say “fight,” we mean “fight.”

Bottom line: If you have been injured due to someone else’s actions, you want Warshafsky Law on your side - the best car accident lawyers in Madison. And since you can have us working for you at no out-of-pocket cost whatsoever, why not at least sit down with us for a free, no obligation meeting to learn more about how we would handle your personal injury case?

Free Initial Consultation On Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Case

Warshafsky Law offers a free initial consultation to help give you a better idea of what we will do to crush your legal opponents and make things right for you. You will not be handed off to a legal assistant. You will meet with an actual personal injury attorney from our Madison office who will give you an honest appraisal of your case and a better understanding of what to expect during the course of our representation. No pressure. If you decide to have us represent you, great! If not, we wish you well.

To arrange a free consultation with one of our Madison personal injury attorneys, contact Warshafsky Law at (608) 535-1153. 

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