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The Four Primary PTSD symptoms

Flashbacks and Nightmares

Often, bad memories of a traumatic event are replayed in vivid ways. It can happen as a flashback while the person is awake or as a nightmare. In either case, the same feelings felt during the actual event come flooding back with the same intensity as if the actual event is occurring again.

Avoidance/Paranoid behavior

Avoiding people or places that bring back memories of the original trauma is a common symptom of PTSD. For someone who has been in or witnessed a horrific car accident, this may include extreme anxiety about traveling by automobile and refusing to travel on the road or through the intersection where the accident occurred.


People suffering from PTSD often become uncommunicative even with loved ones and report being unable to talk about, or even remember, what happened to them. They often lose interest in the hobbies, sports and activities they once loved. They also report feeling as though things are not real or that they are outside observers detached from themselves.


People who have gone through a traumatic event are often easily agitated and frequently report feeling jumpy and unable to sleep well. They have an exaggerated startle response and are easily frightened by sudden movements and loud noises. Behavior may range from hypervigilance to recklessness and even self-destructive acts.

PTSD Attorney MadisonPost Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is classified as an anxiety disorder which develops after experiencing a traumatic event. The condition usually develops within weeks after the event, although it can sometimes take months or weeks for the condition to become apparent.

When most people think of PTSD, the first image to come to mind is usually that of a combat veteran who has gone through a horrific battle. However, there are many causes. Serious injury accidents, cases of rape, molestation and abuse, as well as instances of being physically attacked can all be the underlying cause for PTSD.

Although PTSD was not officially recognized as a psychiatric disorder until 1980, there is no doubt there were plenty of traumatic events prior to that time and many people were experiencing the symptoms of PTSD. The condition just went by a different name.

It is important to note that PTSD is a legitimate mental disorder. Because PTSD victims are prone to memory loss and self-medicating with alcohol or drugs, they are at high risk for problems with relationships and employers. Treatment by a doctor who specializes in PTSD is necessary to avoid the possibility of a downward spiral.

Filing a Lawsuit For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

We are often asked if it is possible to sue someone for PTSD. Answer: It depends.

A successful suit to recover for damages caused by PTSD hinges on being able to show negligence or recklessness on the part of those who caused your PTSD. A plaintiff also has to show the court he/she has a legitimate diagnosis of PTSD, which involves meeting all the criteria outlined in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Without a verified diagnosis from a medical doctor, any legal action on your behalf will have no traction.

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With a PTSD lawsuit, it all comes down to conclusively proving you are suffering a psychological injury caused by a traumatic event which came about due to someone’s intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. At the minimum, you should recover the costs of your treatment and any medications you have had to go on. We think you should also be compensated for the mental pain and suffering you endure, as well.

A Winning PTSD Lawsuit Starts With Warshafsky Law

As experienced personal injury attorneys with a long history of society changing judgments, Warshafsky Law knows what it takes to win big. We look into every detail of the circumstances which caused your condition in order to identify all parties who can be held liable. Often, the real culprits are not entirely obvious, so we look under every rock in order to effect the highest possible financial compensation for your injury. And make no mistake—the psychological harm and affiliated problems caused by PTSD is a very real injury.

Having a medical doctor on our staff is a tremendous help in cases involving PTSD, although we will have to elicit expert testimony from outside sources to present your case successfully. Some of the factors influencing a PTSD lawsuit case include whether you have had and/or will need psychiatric or psychological help in the future, any medications you’ve had to take to cope with your PTSD, and whether you’ve lost income because you’ve had to miss work.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from PTSD, our first advice is to seek professional medical help. It is also important to get a medical diagnosis of PTSD from a doctor. Besides being a prerequisite for any legal action, a diagnosis is necessary if you are unable to work and planning to file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. These benefits can be difficult to obtain and probably won’t equal your previous salary, but can at least provide some financial relief at a time when it’s sorely needed.

Free Initial Consultation and No Fees Unless We Win For You

If you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD after a traumatic event and wondering if you might have a case, take advantage of our free consultation offer. You will meet with an experienced Warshafsky Law attorney who can give you a professional assessment of your situation and a better idea of how a lawsuit would play out. There is no charge for this and no obligation to hire us.

If you do hire us to represent you, though, we will take your case all the way through to trial without asking any payment from you until you have been compensated for your injury. If there is no financial award in your case, our No Win, No Fee policy ensures you owe us nothing.

Contact the Madison personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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