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The Top Ten Car Accident Causes

The top auto accident lawyers in Madison find the cause of your car crash and get you the largest settlement or judgment possible for your injuries and property damage. Here are the Top Ten Risk Factors you can prepare for to stay safe on the roads while operating a motor vehicle:

The Top Ten Car Accident Causes:

1. Distracted Driving
2. Speeding
3. Drunk Driving
4. Reckless Driving
5. Rain
6. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs
7. Snow and Ice
8. Teenage Drivers
9. Night Driving
10. Following Too Closely

1. Distracted Driving Facts

Dog driving car
Distracted driving has been the leading cause of car crashes for the past decade, and these statistics continue to grow every year. Drivers must be diligent with their privilege and avoid cell use including texting and talking on the phone, eating, reading and grooming while driving.

2. Speeding in Wisconsin

Speeding car
The second most common cause of car accidents is speeding. We all push the limits when late or seemingly stuck in traffic but patience will keep you and your automobile intact.

3. Drunk Driving Accidents

Do NOT drink and drive
Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous car crash types. An estimated 300,000 drunk driving accidents occur every day. Be responsible and call a cab or hand over your keys to a friend. Cab fare is always less expensive than a DUI or the cost of someone’s life.

4. Reckless Driving Behavior

Blue car with damaged front
Reckless driving includes changing lanes too quickly, speeding well over the limit, and driving aggressively. Take your time, remain calm and avoid carelessness.

5. Driving in the Rain Safely

Rainy roadway
You can’t always avoid driving in the rain, but adjust your speed and be aware of low visibility and slick roads, both of which contribute to thousands of accidents every year.

6. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs causes Accidents

Traffic light
Red always means stop. Serious accidents are caused by running stop lights and signs. You are breaking the law by running them, even if the way seems clear. The three seconds it takes to stop are the three seconds necessary to evaluate a safe procession.

7. Drive Carefully in Snow and Ice

Wisconsin road in winter
Your tire traction is compromised in poor and cold weather conditions. Not to mention the discomfort added to any scenario if you are involved in an accident on an icy road. Only venture out with proper tires and chains and avoid roads that have not been sanded or plowed.

8. Teenage Driver Patterns of Risk

Teen drivers behind the wheel
Teens are inexperienced drivers and do not yet know what to do in dangerous conditions that require split-second decision making. This inexperience causes accidents. If you have teenagers, make sure they have had a defensive driving course and hammer home the rule that cell phone use is never permitted.

9. Night Driving Tips

Dark road at night
Lack of visibility makes hazards more difficult to negotiate at night. Pay extra attention driving through the dark and be on the lookout for deer and other critters. Use your high-beams whenever possible, taking care not to blind fellow travelers on darkened roads.

10. Following too Closely Runs Major Risks

This is not the fun kind of tailgating. There is never an excuse to follow another car too closely, no matter how frustratingly slow they seem to be going. Keep a safe distance to prevent an accident that you will be deemed at fault for. The rule of thumb is for every ten miles per hour in your rate of travel, is how many car lengths you should be behind the car in front of you. So, if you are traveling 55mph, you should leave room for 5.5 car lengths between you and the preceding vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident due to any of these risk factors, call upon Warshafsky Law Firm of Madison, Wisconsin for helpful advice.

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