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How to Find an Outstanding Personal Injury Attorney

Madison Top Selected Law FirmA severe personal injury is a traumatic event. It can be life-changing - physically and emotionally. Often, victims who were personally injured are too overwhelmed to make good decisions. If they are not careful, they might select the first personal injury lawyer they meet. Unfortunately, it might be an attorney who cares more about collecting a fee than fighting for a just settlement. If all the attorney wants is to collect a fee for a quick settlement from the insurance company, the client may be forced to accept compensation which is far too low. The result is a lost opportunity to receive ongoing treatment for injuries. Imagine having insufficient funds, unable to offset lost wages or other expenses.

Even though this is such a difficult time, the highest priority must be to choose the right attorney to represent you. He will help you navigate the often confusing legal process, effectively representing you and adequately explaining your unique situation. When you need to make the best choice selecting a personal injury lawyer, here are some things to consider.

Check the EXPERIENCE of a Personal Injury Law Firm

Many attorneys concentrate on specific areas of law. While very effective in their area of expertise, many are not nearly so effective in a personal injury case. Unfortunately for you, the insurance company will have a powerful team of defense attorneys with long experience, tremendous resources and deep knowledge of personal injury lawsuits. Your attorney might confront an entire team of top attorneys. When selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent you, the experience of the personal injury law firm will be a key consideration. Do they have a good track record of effectively handling litigation in Madison personal injury cases?

Warshafsky skilled personal injury lawyers in Madison have decades of experience, winning record-setting judgments on behalf of all types of personal injury victims. The Warshafsky personal injury law firm literally developed the Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers. When it comes to effective strategies and tactics in the court room, our personal injury attorneys are more than extremely capable.

Check the RESOURCES of a Madison Personal Injury Law Firm

Insurance companies have terrifying resources. They will spend whatever money they think necessary to avoid personal injury settlements completely or keep them as low as possible. If you are fighting in court to recover damages caused by another party, your attorney will be facing attorneys with heavy legal funding. Insurance companies feel every dime they spend on a legal defense is an investment to minimize liability.

Winning at trial against such strong adversaries might seem to be a daunting challenge. But the Madison personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law not only have the skills needed to win but also the extensive resources of a powerful Wisconsin personal injury law firm. Our firm has expert personal investigators and research professionals to generate the evidence needed to prove negligence. Many attorneys on our staff have actually worked for insurance companies. They literally know the process inside out.

Check for a Proven History of SUCCESS from the Madison Personal Injury Lawyers

Occasionally, law firms will boast about the large number of personal injury cases they’ve handled. When you hear such claims, remember to ask this question. How many of those cases did they actually win? A different law firm may want to brag about how many personal injury cases they’ve settled. All well and good. But how large were those settlements? Would they be willing to simply settle a case for a lower amount, thereby avoiding a court fight while still collecting a fee? The problem is the settlement is far less than you need or your case would merit. You leave court the same way you entered – as a victim.

At Warshafsky Law, we always prepare each case as if it will go to trial. We are always ready and able to win at court. The result is a larger settlement offer from the insurance company. Our personal injury lawyers – like our Madison personal injury attorneys – have won record-setting, society changing judgments in hundreds of cases.

Check for an Aggressive WINNING Attitude at a Madison Personal Injury Law Firm

In personal injury lawsuits, the attitude and approach of your attorney can be a pivotal factor. You want more than just a strong case. You want a personal injury attorney who will not back down from a fight. Insurance companies usually don’t want to risk a jury trial. The stronger your case and more determined your personal injury lawyer, the better the odds the insurance company will offer to settle out of court. Warshafsky has a long history of winning large settlements. Faced with the prospect of a costly court loss, most insurance companies will offer a larger settlement.

Warshafsky Law has a strong reputation for fighting strong and winning big. Insurance companies know it. You need to know it, too.

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